How To Prepare For A Home Emergency

lit candles for power outage

It’s now or never to get ready for a home emergency.

The point is, no one knows exactly what specific problems could result from a general and major emergency. The best thing to do is prepare for anything that can happen because it may.

Here are some tips, suggestions, and recommendations to help you prepare for an emergency. The following guidelines are from the Emergency Department of the California Red Cross Office.

Water will help you live

As much as you can, try to maintain a one gallon supply of water for each person each day, enough to hold three to seven days.

The water should be kept in plastic containers. Also, make sure that filters and cleaning tablets are ready and available when needed.

Save groceries for you and your family members

Food that is less perishable should be saved for you and your family, and this food should be enough for you, your family, and your pets for three days to a week and possibly longer. Have foods you know your family will eat.

Examples of these foods are canned foods (fruits, vegetables, beans), powdered juice, canned vegetables, and groceries.

Have an alternative

It’s always a good idea to have a cooking source that can act as an alternative to the regular electric or gas range you may be used to.

Having a grill or propane oven on hand is the best option if there is a power outage or if gas is no longer available in your neighborhood.

However, if you are using propane, make sure the tank is completely full and an additional propane tank is available for necessary use.

Pick up clothes

Have a supply of clothes for you and your children, as well as sleeping bags. Have enough options for layers that will keep you warm and comfortable under all conditions.

Collect wood

A constant supply of quality wood is also a good idea as it can be used for fireplaces or stoves that use wood for burning. This will keep you warm during the winter and on cold nights.

Have a light

A flashlight is an item that you cannot do without, especially in an emergency. Try to consider both solar charging and crank drives. This is to avoid future problems with the batteries. Don’t rely solely on your smartphone light.

Keep prescriptions filled

As much as possible, try to save prescription medications that you or a family member filled out. Also, try to keep an extra supply of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Contact your doctor for prescription refills beforehand.

Get money and gas

Credit is good, except for during emergencies. Try to save money in case the ATM goes down or your bank’s system isn’t working like it normally does.

It’s also best to keep your car’s gas tank half full. This is to avoid long lines at gas stations or if gas is not readily available.

Have books

In an emergency, it may be advisable to have books and board games to keep you entertained in the event of a power failure. Remember, there will be no Facebook, Twitter, or electronics to keep you busy.

Meet your neighbor

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the neighbors in your area. You may need each other’s help if basic services are ever interrupted.

In general, preparation is always the best remedy against unexpected circumstances that can cause an emergency. Let’s hope we never have to encounter one.